My Dad died a little over a week ago.  My brother, sister & I are now busy trying to settle his estate.  Its a strange emotional space to be in.  We are grieving our loss, arranging his cremation, and calling creditors all at the same time.  We are focused on the business of dying and finding great people every where we turn.  Everyone has been very kind and helpful.  Along the way we are encountering some strange new things in the industry of dying.

It turns out you can sell your deceased relatives.  You just have to have them turned into diamonds first!  You’ll probably lose money though, as the cost of turning ashes into diamonds is not cheap.  A quarter ct will cost you about $3,500.00 but think of the possibilities.

Boy: “Will you marry me?” shows ring
Girl: “That’s so beautiful! Was that your Mother’s?”
Boy: “That is Mother!”

Life Gem is careful to explain that the diamonds will have flaws.  That seems appropriate.  Just like people range in the degree of their flaws so the diamonds range in clarity.

This might necessitate an update in the funeral service.  “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust” might need to be “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Diamonds”.  No not really.