This past week I quietly celebrated my 25th anniversary of ordination as a Deacon.  I was one of seven new Deacons in the Diocese of Edmonton.  I managed to touch base with four of the others.  One has aged out (died) and one left the church a few years after ordination. Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic.  I saw this picture of the Trinity College Chapel and it reminded me of so much.  I was an a first year student at Trinity when I received my call to ordained ministry.  For three years I served as a Sacristan in the chapel.  This was a place of formation for me.

The chapel looks largely the same as it did then.  There is a new low Altar.  The low Altar we used was a temporary affair similar to the portable Altar we use at St. James.

Worship in the chapel was Anglo Catholic in style and theology.  It was orthodox with lots of “smells and bells”.  It was well done indeed.  I have no idea what the worship at Trinity is like today.  I expect it is still fairly high church, but it is no longer orthodox.  Trinity is now a firmly revisionist institution.  Trinity is located across the street from Wycliffe college, the low church Evangelical Anglican Seminary.  Both were orthodox back in the 70’s & early 80’s.  Certainly Trinity had revisionist seminarians, but no one imagined that one day this small presence would turn Canada’s great Anglican seminary into a revisionist institution.  Today Wycliffe is the lone official Anglican seminary that remains orthodox.  Trinity is still majestic but the distance between Trinity & Wycliffe is far far greater than the 30 second walk between their front doors.