Over the years God has spoken to me in dreams.  Most often these dreams have offered assurance during difficult times of ministry.  Sometimes these dreams show me something that I must address.  Sometimes, of course a dream is just a dream.  Discerning when a dream is from God and when it is the nocturnal churn of an unconscious mind is an interesting task.  I am somewhat conservative in my approach.  When I have received dreams of assurance I act on them by standing fast.  When the dream shows me a problem, whether it is of God or something arising from my unconsciousness I take a serious look at it, but do not make big changes on the basis of the dream alone.  However, I do then take up the issue as a prayer focus. Recently I have had two dreams with similar themes.

In the first dream I am climbing a very narrow staircase to the second floor in a house.  On my left is the family room, except that it feels more like a church.  Abruptly the staircase ends at a wall.  There is no way forward.  Now to my left, just over the banister, is a broad staircase rising in the opposite direction that clearly continues upwards.

In the second dream I am driving my sports car through traffic.  The other cars are moving like molasses and wandering from their lanes.  It is easy to weave in and out and quickly move forward.  But the road narrows to a single lane and enters a construction zone. My windshield becomes mud splattered and I can hardly see to continue.  The roadway is increasingly rough and weaves in and about construction (or is it deconstruction). My tension rises with the increased difficulty and danger. I turn a corner and slam on my brakes but cannot stop before bumping into an older car.  I take a closer look at the car.  It was once a beautiful sporty car, but the years had been hard on it.  The owner, an affable fellow, is worried that the repair will cost more than the car is worth.

In both dreams I cannot get to where I am going.  The dreams leave me wondering if I am on the right path.  Have I chosen the right roadway, the right stairway, or do I need to make a change of direction? Or are they just dreams?