Between Christmas and New Year’s we “refreshed” our guest bathroom.  This was not as extensive as a renovation.  We pulled wallpaper, filed old screw holes, primed, painted, and put in new lights.  The last thing we did was go buy a soap dispenser.  We ended up at Bed Bath & Beyond!  With a name like that it was a safe bet they would have a good selection of bathroom accessories.  They do.  I feel like I stumbled into a slice of our culture I’ve never seen before.  They had 136 different soap dispensers!  This does not include the replaceable pump top that you can use to create your own dispenser.  We bought the third one we saw, but did not succumb to the temptation to buy the matching dish, Kleenex box cover, or tooth brush holder.

We were astonished by the selection and just had to wonder what such a selection says about our culture.  Who knew there was an entire industry dedicated to bathroom accessories.  I am still flummoxed by it.  To the left is a pic of my personal favorite.

In the coming weeks, life in the Anglican Communion will take a turn as the Primates Meeting takes place.  I’ll blog about that soon enough, but for now I’m just wondering if we bought the right soap dispenser.