Brewmaster SantaWell not technically a drunk Santa.  Technically this is Brewmaster Santa.  But he can’t hold his glass upright and his eyes look a bit bleary.  So I’m going with Drunk Santa.  My question is why?

I gave up my membership in the Advent Police Patrol years ago.  Heck my Advent Candles are red, because purple doesn’t look good in our dining room.  I’m not a stickler about the details.  I like Santa under a palm tree.  Of course I also do not like songs like “Dreaming of a White Christmas” and “Let it Snow”.  I’d rather it didn’t.  At least not here.  My point here is that I am no “holiday buster”.  I want people to have fun and enjoy the season.

Go ahead and stitch Santa onto Hawaiian Shirts. Make him into a porcelain cookie jar (we have one of those).  I think it highly likely that St. Nicholas drank beer, but I don’t think this Brewmaster Santa does him justice.

Maybe I’m getting old but this bothers me more than “Gramma got run over by a reindeer” It’s just tacky.

Happy St. Nicholas Day.  His feast day is December 6th.  Today I will drink a beer in his memory and hope that no one buys “Drunk Santa”.