ACNA Head Office

Provincial Office

Roy Morse and I attended our Diocesan Convention in Sewickley PA last week.  The Provincial Offices are in nearby Ambridge.  Both are historic steel towns.  Sewickley is the town where management lived, while Ambridge and other nearby towns are where the mills were and where workers lived.  Today, Ambridge is the home of Trinity School for Ministry and the Provincial office of The Anglican Church in North America.

Ambridge is a very affordable community.  The provincial Office pictured to the right cost $90,000 to purchase and around $30,000 to renovate.  It has three floors of rooms and a full basement.  The building was once a house, and more recently a law office.  It now houses the entire staff of the Anglican Church in North America.  The building feels solid and comfortable.  It will never be described as luxurious.

It says a great deal about the Anglican Church in North America’s priorities that the offices are simple and inexpensive.  Very nice.