Our efforts to launch new Anglican Churches in The San Francisco Bay Area is dependent on our ability to find people who want an Anglican Church in their community and are willing to help.  Once we find the first couple of households in a community it gets easier to find the third.  Getting the ball rolling is the great challenge.

In 2009 we launched www.NewAnglicanChurch.com, a social networking site, that allows registered users to find other registered users in their area.  This has not been as successful as we hoped.  We are not abandoning this strategy, but we are augmenting it with a second strategy that focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We are building city specific sites with optimized SEO.  Our first site is now online.  It is www.sanfranciscoanglicans.org.  Our goal is to be above the fold on searches for “Anglican Church San Francisco” and “San Francisco Anglican Church”.  We have accomplished our goal on the terms “Anglican Church San Francisco”, but are currently on page 12 for “San Francisco Anglican Church”. Still it is cool that we accomplished this in less than two weeks.  We will continue to work on the SEO.

Each of these sites will have some pretty cool tech.  One cool thing about www.sanfranciscoanglicans.org is that we publish articles on it via RSS.  In simple english…I publish this article on my blog and it automatically is published on each of our city specific sites.  Its a very efficient way of providing fresh content on all our sites.

You can help with our SEO work.  The simplest way you can help is to visit the new site.  Seriously.  Search engines pay attention to internet traffic.  Please visit www.sanfranciscoanglicans.org. often!  Visiting the site will improve the SEO.