In the past few weeks there has been quite a bit of blogging about the makeup of the Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion.  There have been appointments that may or may not be legitimate, and under much of the blogging and commenting is a fear that The Episcopal Church is working hard to shape the membership of the Standing Committee to avoid being removed from the Anglican Consultative Council and the Primates Meeting.  I expect this is true to some extent.  I think it is fruitless task though.  This boat has sailed.

It is remotely possible that The Episcopal Church will not be censured by the Standing Committee at this weekends meeting.  If this does not happen The Primates Meeting in January will take care of it.  Why do I think this you might ask.  The answer is simple: North American Revisionist place a high value on Independence.  Other Revisionist provinces around the world place a high value on Interdependence.  As long as TEC did not blatantly violate the moratoria they could claim that TEC was still acting in an interdependent manner.  They can no longer hold this line.  Consider this overly simple graph.

In this graph I’ve plotted some groups within the Anglican Communion along two axis.  The Provinces of the Southern Hemisphere are almost all orthodox and interdependent.  All most all revisionist provinces are interdependent as well.  The Episcopal Church and some dioceses within The Anglican Church of Canada are both revisionist and independent.

The mistake that many bloggers and commentators are making is not placing enough weight on many revisionist provinces commitment to interdependence.  Not all revisionists are the same.  I suspect that this is the same mistake that leadership in TEC has made.  Projection is a very easy mistake to make.

I expect that TEC’s revisionist friends in The Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion will very politely and with genuine sorrow censure The Episcopal Church.  I don’t think they will be happy to do so and might in fact be a little resentful towards TEC for placing them in the position of having to censure a Province for something they are sympathetic towards.