I’m starting a new category on my blog for portable church stuff.  St. James is a portable church and we have a nearly obsessive habit to identify best practices for the portable church.  This post is about the best stapler for portable churches.  Of course anyone whose office fits in their laptop bag will find this a helpful referral as well.  A great stapler for a portable church has to be light, powerful, and dependable.

The Nano  by Paperpro weighs 3.2 ounces! It is spring powered like a staple gun and easily staples up to twelve sheets.  It is very cool! This is a wonderful light and effective stapler.  It comes in a variety of colors and uses standard staples.  It is ideal for tossing into a back pack pocket and forgetting about until you need it.  At 3.2 ounces it is a convenience worth carrying around.  Place your cursor on the image to see the current price on Amazon.