Researchers in Toronto have concluded that religious people (including Christians) are more relaxed about their mistakes. (from the Pew Forum)

“If thinking about religion leads people to react to their errors with less distress and defensiveness … in the long run, this effect may translate to religious people living their lives with greater equanimity than nonreligious people, being better able to cope with the pressures of living in a sometimes-hostile world.”

So What? I don’t mean to be disparaging.  I do think that being a Christian has many lifestyle advantages.  Did you know Pastors live longer?  My difficulty with this sort of article is that many will use this to promote the faith.  They really shouldn’t.  People do not come to faith for a lifestyle advantage.  It is true that when a non christian lifestyle leads them to painful places and broken relationships they may at that time seek God.  But they do so for transformation and not merely a slight lifestyle advantage.  People join country clubs for slight lifestyle advantages. I use a Peetes card for a 5% break on coffee.  So What?

People come to faith in Jesus Christ following many paths, but I think all these means share one very important quality: significance.  Significance.  The world is not impressed by a message that says “Become a Christian and you won’t feel as upset about mistakes.”  Consider that in Jesus Christ we need no longer fear death or any trial this world tosses our way.  We can be freed of shame and experience forgiveness that transforms our relationships and fills them with grace.  We can triumph over evil and are freed to truly enjoy living in God’s amazing creation.  As a young adult once wrote to me “living without God is like a black and white tv.  Living with God is like HDTV!”.  That is significant.  It’s not about a slight lifestyle advantage.