Blog traffic is up.  As of today there have been over 480 unique visitors to my blog totaling over 2,100 visits. This is very gratifying.  Its nice to know that people like to read what I write.  This week I got interested in seeing how difficult it would be to monetize my blog and to see if there are less annoying ways of doing this. Advertising is by definition annoying.  It grabs our attention away from the content we are intent upon.

It turns out that adding Google Adsense to a Blog is very easy.  The key is to add it in a way that doesn’t bother people.  Is that possible? For example I really do not like ads in the middle of articles I am reading.  So I won’t be doing that on my blog.  I intend to put an ad in the sidebar of my blog.  I earn money everytime you a visitor clicks on the ad and visits the advertiser’s website.  Its not a lot of money.  Very little actually, but it can add up.  Google doesn’t send a check until the amount earned tops $100.  I’ll be sure to post when I get my first check.

This could be a win win for you my readers.  I’ve thought of the possibility that The Episcopal Church may one day have an ad on my blog.  That would be funny.  Now if you are a fan of the Episcopal Church you may well want to click on the link to see what they are up to.  If you are less of a fan, you could click on the link and make them pay. Now isn’t that a win win?

The second way I plan on monetizing my blog is by adding advertising on the RSS Feed.  Research suggests that people who use RSS feeds do not mind getting ads in the feed.  What can I say friends.  My car needs new tires.

In the future I will also add an Amazon Page with links to books I recommend.  Following the embedded link and buying the book on Amazon will result in a referral fee to me. This is I think a reasonable and inoffensive strategy to monetize my blog.  What do you think?

Be a friend will you and visit my sponsor.