Ricthey Rwanda Coffee BikeToday I raised $3.77 towards the purchase of Coffee Bikes for Rwandan Coffee farmers.   Not a lot of money I agree, but I did it by riding my bike.  I’ve not ridden enough this winter and I’ve gained weight and lost conditioning.  The guys I ride with end our rides at a Peetes (my favorite) or Starbucks for coffee.  At Peetes we sometimes bump into a friend who is CEO of a very cool startup company developing a new power measuring device that fits into the hollow center of a bike pedal.  Chances are you’ve never heard of the company, but if you ride you will in a few years.  This company is doing basic research that has the possibility of improving cycling for everyone.  Today we bumped into Clark  Foy at Peetes and had coffee with him.

As we were heading home he told me about plus3network.com This is a very fun way to raise money for charity by exercising.  Hiking, Swimming, Cycling, and many other workouts are included.  Activities can be added manually using the honor system or via a Garmin GPS device.  They plan on adding support for other devices this year.  Your mileage coverts to “kudos” that are converted into dollar amounts according to the type of exercise. Sponsoring companies contribute to the charity of your choice.

Today I connected my Garmin 305 to the website and uploaded 10 recent rides.  This resulted in almost $4 towards the cost of a $300 coffee bike for a farmer in Rwanda.  These bikes change lives. I have a new reason to exercise.  Is this cool or what?  Check it out.  Exercise and do good.