St. James currently has two Parochial Missions.  A Parochial Mission is a new church start that receives oversight and support from the parent church.  Our goal at St. James is to start and shepherd two – five new missions each year.  Our first mission was St. John’s Anglican Mission in Orinda.  St. John’s began with two households and no prospects one year ago.  They now number 10 households with a growing list of prospects.  Our second Mission began at the end of January 2010 in Roseville, CA.  We called this mission “Roseville Mission”.  Quite catchy don’t you agree? Roseville Mission has a new name “Amazing Grace Anglican Fellowship”. The name was chosen by the mission and approved by our diocesan bishop, Archbishop Robert Duncan.

Amazing Grace is led by Fr. Fred and Mrs May Gere.  Fred and May are, it is believed, the oldest church planters in the Anglican Church in North America.  Amazing Grace has ten households and is slowly gathering more.  Word of mouth advertising is ongoing and the mission will soon have a new website.  They have a new domain address. One of the ways we support our missions is by building a website for the new mission and training local webmasters to maintain it.

St. James supports parochial missions in several ways.  I visit each mission on a monthly basis to mentor and encourage the mission.  Each mission’s activities are covered by St. James’ Liability Insurance.  St. James provides administrative support, including banking, book keeping, database, donation recording and receipt issuing, domain registration and website creation.