In the last year I have helped launch two new Anglican Missions. The first is St. John’s Anglican Mission in Orinda. Orinda is just east of Oakland on the other side of a small mountain range. The second is a yet to be named Anglican Mission in Roseville. Roseville is just east of Sacramento. Both of these missions are the size of small groups. The goal for both of these missions is to gather 50 households into a core team, before launching public worship services. St. John’s now numbers 8 households and Roseville Mission now numbers 10 households. Both have a list of prospective households and are trying to gather more. I expect this period of initial gathering to take a couple of years. In the meantime both missions gather weekly for worship and fellowship.

The goal is to launch between two and five new missions each year. We met our goal in 2009. It remains to be seen how we do in 2010. I am in conversation with a potential Church Planter in Sacramento and will meet with a second potential Church Planter there in early June. I also have some leads in the San Mateo area. All three of these could potentially begin in 2010. All of these would be parochial missions of St. James. In addition to these missions I am currently helping two other priests explore the possibility of launching a mission. One of these would be a parochial mission of St. James. The second would be a parochial mission of that priest’s current parish. It is an exciting opportunity and I look forward to blogging about it when the details can be public.

When we launched St. James we organized our selves in ways that make it easy for us to support parochial missions. We provide our missions with total administrative support. This includes websites, book keeping, liability insurance, banking, and a raft of other services. We are a one stop turn key mission launching parish. What we are doing is pretty cool. Our goal is to help people launch new Anglican communities in Northern California and facilitate their development. Over time we hope to grow enough new parishes that we can launch a new diocese in this part of California. There are 7.5 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the next 20 years we want to launch 50 new parishes.

With this post I am starting a new theme on my blog.  In addition to reflecting on the Anglican Communion and bikes, I will be commenting on our efforts to build a vibrant Anglican Community in Northern California.