We are now several days past the LA ordinations.  The Anglican Blogosphere waits patiently for the Archbishop of Canterbury to respond.  Some like to think his opinions and decisions are ultimately unimportant, and yet we all wait patiently for his response.

I, like many other commentators, found it fascinating that there was so little press interest in the consecration. The real story for the media is not the consecration of someone in a same sex relationship as a bishop.  No that is so 2003.  That is old news.  The real story is what we are waiting for. The media loves to run stories about the church when there is a scandal or bad news.  Church closings are much more likely to make the papers than church launchings. I wonder if revisionist Christians understand that they are not the darlings of the press.  The media did not cover the LA ordinations with a big press corp.

It was also interesting to see the Episcopal Diocese of LA rent a 10,000 seat stadium for the event.  I must say I was impressed.  I harbor a dream of one day renting a stadium for a worship service.  Of course I hope I fill it.  Some 3,000 people attended the service.  That is a lot of people to be sure.  I applaud the attempt to go large, but it must have been a bit disappointing to see so many empty seats and so little press coverage. I wonder if The Episcopal Church understands that their moment as the darling of the press is passing.  They were fascinating to the world in the midst of crisis.  But with the crisis approaching denouement the interest is moving elsewhere. At least until the Archbishop of Canterbury speaks.

There is a rumor that the Archbishop of Canterbury is preparing a statement that he will soon deliver.  I am disappointed that he hasn’t already delivered it, but understand if he desires to be careful with this.  This is a critical moment in the history of Anglicanism.  What he does now and says now is of intense importance. In this period of silence I have been praying for the Archbishop of Canterbury.  I have also been considering my own small role in our Anglican Communion.   I am grateful to be where I am and contributing in my small way.  I am also grateful for those who are leading on the National and International stage for their hard work for the Gospel.  I am praying for them.