We are now five days away from the consecration of The Rev. Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool as Suffragan Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.  Archbishop Rowan Williams has made no public comments about the consequence of her consecration since the consents to her election were announced.  On several occasions he has written or said that he is having conversations about the consequences.  He has not however said to whom he is speaking or what consequences are being discussed. There is a silence on matters people want to hear about.

There is also a silence I found intriguing. There are no warnings being offered to The Episcopal Church.  No last minute warnings that proceeding with this consecration will further tear the fabric of communion.  I find this silence more encouraging than the first.  There have been enough warnings delivered.  They have all been ignored.  Issuing yet another would be pathetic.  This is not a time for more warnings.  It is a time for actions.  Perhaps this is what the silence is about.  On Saturday The Episcopal Church will take action.  What will our Archbishop do? My expectation is that there will be a prepared press statement released on the weekend to buy a little time, followed by action from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

I am beginning to appreciate this silence in the way that one appreciates the white space in Japanese ink paintings where the empty spaces are as important as the filled spaces.  Appreciating this art requires one to see the empty space instead of only focusing on the painted space.  Archbishop Rowan Williams has created a great deal of empty space.  Soon he must paint into it.  I for one am praying for bold definitive brush strokes. In this way this present silence will speak with actions that will heal the torn fabric of the Anglican Communion.