Hackers attacked St. James yesterday after weeks of inactivity.  But we were not lulled into complacency.  We have been monitoring all file activity and what we saw yesterday caused us to take immediate and decisive action.  We absolutely identified our vulnerability, then we completely rebuilt the website from the ground up.  While we were building the new site, hackers continued to hack the existing site.  They could not know that we were watching them even while we were recreating everything.  Finally last night we switched the site out for the new rebuilt site sans known vulnerability.  We believe we are now secure.

This morning I read the access logs and watched hackers from Indonesia, Russia, Nigeria, and Egypt attempt to crack our site.  It is really quite fascinating to watch their attempts fail.  Honestly I have no idea why they are so fascinated with St. James.

The whole experience yesterday felt like Pat and I were fighting off pirates intent to board and own our site.  This was work we didn’t want or need, but we are now more educated on Internet Security.

When your site has been hacked and you are not sure when the first hack took place it is a good idea to completely rebuild the site from ground up.  This is the only way to be sure that you have removed any back doors and malicious files they placed on the site.