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How hard is it to create an iPhone App? If you are a little geeky and are a little familiar with file structures and coding it’s not that hard.  I took most of a day off this week and became an Apple Developer.  Anyone can register to become a developer.  That’s the easy part.  You can then download Xcode and begin developing you first app.  In one day I developed an App for my Blog.  It takes an RSS feed of my posts and lists them when you open the App.  Tapping on the title navigates you to this blog where you can read the post.  I still have a bit of work to do on it before posting to the iTunes store.  I plan on adding a flash screen during loading and enabling the tilt function to take the display into landscape mode.

My real interest in learning how to do this is to build an app for St. James that will include a podcast of the sermons, a calendar showing upcoming events with details, a contact list with phone numbers, and of course a link to my blog. 🙂

As an Apple Developer I get to use my iPhone as a test bed for my apps in development.  If you want to see my blog app just ask.  Learning how to do many of the tasks in creating this app was easy once I found the right tutorial.  YouTube was also tremendously helpful.  There are tons of 14 year olds creating teaching videos to show how to work in Xcode.  I’ll post about this again when my app is approved or rejected by Apple for distribution in the iTunes store.