There are 19 Days until the Consecration of The Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool as a Suffragan Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.  In many important ways her consecration will not change anything in the Anglican Communion.  The consents to her consecration has already sent a strong signal to the rest of the Anglican Communion that The Episcopal Church has rejected the moratoria asked for by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Primates, and by the Anglican Consultative Council.  Her actual consecration will be a marker in time, but the message of rejection was already sent by the consents.

The question I have about the May 15th Consecration is whether Archbishop Rowan Williams will announce the consequences to TEC before or after the consecration.  He cannot stay silent forever.  He keeps announcing that he is in conversation with people concerning consequences but has not yet announced what they are.  A majority of Primates are on record calling for the exclusion of TEC.  This is one of the significant items in the Trumpet from the South.  What we don’t know is how many of the Northern Primates are in agreement.

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s continued silence is difficult to comprehend.  He is creating a leadership gap that others by their actions are filling.  His ability to shape the consequences for TEC diminish as each province announces its own decisions.