I know I’ve hardly posted this last fall and winter.  Honestly I’ve been drained of insight, spontaneity, and enthusiasm.  I’ve had to hoard all my creative energy for my work at St. James and our future diocese.  It has not the case that the work has drained me.  No it is vastly more sinister.  Allergies.

Yes, allergies have taken their toll and in a way that illustrates the vulnerabilities we all face.  It was a slow fade.  Like the song by Counting Crows.  I’ve been on a low grade allergy treatment for years now.  It sort of worked.  It hid the runny nose and prevented the post nasal drip.  The exhaustion just kind of crept up on me.  Then it happened.  I ran out and didn’t have time to get more.  So I resorted to using Claritin and a multivitamin. WOW! One night was a total revelation.  I woke refreshed, alert, and feeling kid of sparky like.

I’m back.  I’ll be posting more frequently again.