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Calling this a history is inaccurate and false.  Actually I’m just trying to make a few points about historic worship in the church and perhaps tweak some of my more conservative friends.  So here we go. The first praise screen was probably a prehistoric cave wall illuminated by torches or shafts of light.  Cave painting.  […]

We recently began using Google Analytics to look at our website traffic.  I really wish we had done this two years ago.  We are now paying attention to what people are actually looking at.  In particular we are paying attention to what people who find our site through a search are looking at.  I’ll be […]

One of my professional weaknesses is project planning.  I have a tendency to make plans and then forget what was planned.  Worse, I have a definite tendency to make plans without involving enough people in the planning process.  I don’t think I am alone in this.  The result of this weakness is that I have […]

Here in the Silicon Valley first time visitors to a church will almost always visit the website first.  It is rare for someone not to.  Nationally something like 70% of first time visitors spend time on a churches website before walking through the doors.  In urban centers it is higher, and in tech centers it […]

I’m starting a new category on my blog for portable church stuff.  St. James is a portable church and we have a nearly obsessive habit to identify best practices for the portable church.  This post is about the best stapler for portable churches.  Of course anyone whose office fits in their laptop bag will find […]