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My Dad died a little over a week ago.  My brother, sister & I are now busy trying to settle his estate.  Its a strange emotional space to be in.  We are grieving our loss, arranging his cremation, and calling creditors all at the same time.  We are focused on the business of dying and […]

A Bakery in New Zealand has come out with an advertising campaign featuring their take on the “Hot Crossed Bun”.  Why?  This raises the question whether the adage “All Advertising is Good Advertising” is true.   I guess if your business is called “Hell Bakery” this might work as a bit of humor.  For readers who […]

Between Christmas and New Year’s we “refreshed” our guest bathroom.  This was not as extensive as a renovation.  We pulled wallpaper, filed old screw holes, primed, painted, and put in new lights.  The last thing we did was go buy a soap dispenser.  We ended up at Bed Bath & Beyond!  With a name like […]

Well not technically a drunk Santa.  Technically this is Brewmaster Santa.  But he can’t hold his glass upright and his eyes look a bit bleary.  So I’m going with Drunk Santa.  My question is why? I gave up my membership in the Advent Police Patrol years ago.  Heck my Advent Candles are red, because purple […]

$695 for a grill

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I am not sure whether to stand up and applaud the people who brought this grill to market or reconsider joining a monastery and leaving the world’s madness behind.  I am intrigued by some of the details of this grill.  The smoke comes out of the headers for example.  It does have stainless steel burners […]

California has a major budget problem. Balancing the budget in a recession like we are experiencing is causing politicians everywhere to look for new sources of Tax Revenue.  It is in this kind of climate that we find out what our values really are.  What is our price?  We also find out what our real […]

Let me first make a disclaimer. I stand to profit from this book review. I’m now an Amazon Associate and make a small commission on books that are ordered through links in my blog.  Clicking on the book takes you to Amazon where you can add the book to your shopping cart.  After you purchase […]

Researchers in Toronto have concluded that religious people (including Christians) are more relaxed about their mistakes. (from the Pew Forum) “If thinking about religion leads people to react to their errors with less distress and defensiveness … in the long run, this effect may translate to religious people living their lives with greater equanimity than […]

Blog traffic is up.  As of today there have been over 480 unique visitors to my blog totaling over 2,100 visits. This is very gratifying.  Its nice to know that people like to read what I write.  This week I got interested in seeing how difficult it would be to monetize my blog and to […]

This photo is from a few years ago.  I took it while shopping at Fry’s Electronic Store.  I can’t remember what I was looking for, but I remember being stopped in my tracks when I saw this! Yes. That is an iPod Player & Toilet Paper Roll Dispenser! You can charge and discharge at the […]