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My Dad died a little over a week ago.  My brother, sister & I are now busy trying to settle his estate.  Its a strange emotional space to be in.  We are grieving our loss, arranging his cremation, and calling creditors all at the same time.  We are focused on the business of dying and […]

We have all seen solar powered lighting and phones.  It has gotten fairly ubiquitous.  How about a solar and wind powered light?  This is very cool.  Consider also that this is in a very salty location.  You just have to love engineers who dream these things up. The solar panel is obvious as it sits […]

Here in the Silicon Valley first time visitors to a church will almost always visit the website first.  It is rare for someone not to.  Nationally something like 70% of first time visitors spend time on a churches website before walking through the doors.  In urban centers it is higher, and in tech centers it […]

Let me first make a disclaimer. I stand to profit from this book review. I’m now an Amazon Associate and make a small commission on books that are ordered through links in my blog.  Clicking on the book takes you to Amazon where you can add the book to your shopping cart.  After you purchase […]

Blog traffic is up.  As of today there have been over 480 unique visitors to my blog totaling over 2,100 visits. This is very gratifying.  Its nice to know that people like to read what I write.  This week I got interested in seeing how difficult it would be to monetize my blog and to […]


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Today I raised $3.77 towards the purchase of Coffee Bikes for Rwandan Coffee farmers.   Not a lot of money I agree, but I did it by riding my bike.  I’ve not ridden enough this winter and I’ve gained weight and lost conditioning.  The guys I ride with end our rides at a Peetes (my favorite) […]

I submitted my iPhone App last week.  The submission process is complicated and it took me a while to figure it out.  Today I got a “dear John” email from the iTunes store. Dear Ed, We’ve reviewed your application Ed’s Blog and have determined that this application is not appropriate for the App Store because […]

Hackers attacked St. James yesterday after weeks of inactivity.  But we were not lulled into complacency.  We have been monitoring all file activity and what we saw yesterday caused us to take immediate and decisive action.  We absolutely identified our vulnerability, then we completely rebuilt the website from the ground up.  While we were building […]

iPhone App


How hard is it to create an iPhone App? If you are a little geeky and are a little familiar with file structures and coding it’s not that hard.  I took most of a day off this week and became an Apple Developer.  Anyone can register to become a developer.  That’s the easy part.  You […]

Well this was an interesting morning. I discovered that hackers had managed to infiltrate my site and had obtained FTP access. This is not a good thing. So this morning I backed up my blog content, wiped the site clean, changed all the ftp passwords, installed a new database, and reinstalled my blog with a […]