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Calling this a history is inaccurate and false.  Actually I’m just trying to make a few points about historic worship in the church and perhaps tweak some of my more conservative friends.  So here we go. The first praise screen was probably a prehistoric cave wall illuminated by torches or shafts of light.  Cave painting.  […]

In a technical legal sense, St. James bought two properties in Willow Glen.  Such a simple statement of fact fails to convey the amazing way the Holy Spirit has acted. St. James Anglican Church was formed in 2009.  Our initial members left local Episcopal Churches.  We left everything to the remaining members.  In California the […]

There is more to life than life and death.  So much of our cultural attention is focused on squeezing the most out of life and easing one’s death that Easter always comes as a welcome shock.  The first simple sermon “He is risen” was a game changer.  It was so shocking Jesus’ disciples could not […]


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Archbishop Duncan visited St. James this past Sunday.  It was a joyous occasion.  Many guests attended as well.  Members of four of our missions attended.  St. Johns in Orinda, Amazing Grace in Roseville, Holy Spirit in Folsom, and St. Michael’s in Los Gatos were present.  A large portion of St. Luke’s Chapel in the Hills […]

Here in the Silicon Valley first time visitors to a church will almost always visit the website first.  It is rare for someone not to.  Nationally something like 70% of first time visitors spend time on a churches website before walking through the doors.  In urban centers it is higher, and in tech centers it […]

I’m starting a new category on my blog for portable church stuff.  St. James is a portable church and we have a nearly obsessive habit to identify best practices for the portable church.  This post is about the best stapler for portable churches.  Of course anyone whose office fits in their laptop bag will find […]

St. James currently has two Parochial Missions.  A Parochial Mission is a new church start that receives oversight and support from the parent church.  Our goal at St. James is to start and shepherd two – five new missions each year.  Our first mission was St. John’s Anglican Mission in Orinda.  St. John’s began with […]

In the last year I have helped launch two new Anglican Missions. The first is St. John’s Anglican Mission in Orinda. Orinda is just east of Oakland on the other side of a small mountain range. The second is a yet to be named Anglican Mission in Roseville. Roseville is just east of Sacramento. Both […]

A tale of two churches perhaps.  It was a great privelage to attend the inaugral Assembly of the Anglican Church in North America.  I confess I was nervous about it.  I feared that the pundits would be correct in their assertions that the issue of Women’s Ordination and the disagreements between the Evangelicals and Anglo […]

Today, in a conversation a friend used the phrase “unchurched at church” to refer to people who regularly attend church but who have become alienated from it. They no longer participate in the ministry of the congregation. They ignore the objectionable theology being proclaimed in the sermons. They come to see their friends. They have […]