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Project Rwanda

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Rwanda has nearly 500,000 small-holder coffee producers who possess an average of 200 coffee trees each. Each small plantation is managed like a small garden and is the principal generator of cash for rural Rwanda.  The coffee farmer delivers the coffee cherries to central washing stations where they are graded for quality and purchased.  It […]


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Today I raised $3.77 towards the purchase of Coffee Bikes for Rwandan Coffee farmers.   Not a lot of money I agree, but I did it by riding my bike.  I’ve not ridden enough this winter and I’ve gained weight and lost conditioning.  The guys I ride with end our rides at a Peetes (my favorite) […]


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Sometimes a small adjustment makes a big difference.  Lately I’ve been tweaking my fit on my road bike. I went from a 120 mm stem (the short piece attaching the handlebars to the bike) to a 110 mm stem and then to a 100 mm stem.  10 mm is about 4 tenths of an inch. […]

Today I achieved a cycling goal I set for myself about two years ago. It was a tough goal to achieve.  I was only able to achieve with the help of friends.  On most Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings a small group of us ride to Peet’s coffee shop.  We take an indirect route that […]

One of my friends has been given an amazing opportunity to help launch a new bike brand in the United States.  It is Trigon.  Trigon is a contract manufacturer of high end carbon bike frames in Taiwan.  If you ride you will have heard of some of the companies that Trigon builds for. The frame […]

Well there are some pictures missing, and I expect they will stay missing, as the source files have now been deleted…by me.  No conspiracy here.  I thought I got everything moved over from St. Edward’s site, so went and deleted my blog over there only to discover that the SQL database was still referring to […]

Bikes for Sudan

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In Sudan, in the Diocese of Rumbek 178 pastors cover 3500 square miles. All their congregations meet under trees. The Bishop has a Cathedral Tree, and no buildings. Neither the bishop nor the pastors have salaries from the church. Many work as government workers. To get around, the bishop and 73 of the pastors go […]

Today’s ride (click on link to open a map showing ride in a new window) started a half hour earlier so we could include a few extra hills before heading off to our various jobs.  I ride with a small group of guys led by my friend Richard.  He is our ride leader and the […]

10 months ago I began developing a sore right knee. It gradually worsened. In January it became painful. Strangely the pain moved around to different areas of my knee. After one ride I discovered that I was limping and experiencing lancing pain. Walking up and down stairs hurt. I became worried. I stopped cycling for […]


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Well, 2007 has rolled to a close so I thought I would blog on my cycling stats.  First, I’m pleased to report that I’ve now lost 30 pounds since I started cycling semi seriously a little over 2 years ago.  I lost 15 pounds the first year and 15 the second.  I hope to lose […]