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We are now several days past the LA ordinations.  The Anglican Blogosphere waits patiently for the Archbishop of Canterbury to respond.  Some like to think his opinions and decisions are ultimately unimportant, and yet we all wait patiently for his response. I, like many other commentators, found it fascinating that there was so little press […]

Post Modernism is a way of viewing the world.  It seeks plurality and multiple “truths” instead of absolute values.  Post modernism has given us a redefinition of family.  The word family used to refer to a nuclear family that included a Father, a Mother, and offspring.  Today it can refer to just about any conceivable […]

We are now five days away from the consecration of The Rev. Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool as Suffragan Bishop in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.  Archbishop Rowan Williams has made no public comments about the consequence of her consecration since the consents to her election were announced.  On several occasions he has written or […]

Here is a fascinating video between an intellectual British Atheist and an intellectual British Anglican Archbishop.  It is a fast paced bout of intellectual brevity.  They rapidly move across the main points Atheists like to raise.  I must say I am impressed with our Archbishop of Canterbury.  He more than holds his own here.  I […]

19 Days

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There are 19 Days until the Consecration of The Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool as a Suffragan Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.  In many important ways her consecration will not change anything in the Anglican Communion.  The consents to her consecration has already sent a strong signal to the rest of the Anglican […]

The 4th Anglican Global South to South Encounter is now over. The communique has been released. This is the Trumpet from the south. It is an eloquent and gracious document. It addresses the hopes and shared aspirations of the Southern Provinces. It also addresses the torn fabric of the Anglican Communion. Before I comment on […]

South by South

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The 4th Anglican Global South to South Encounter is now meeting in Singapore.  This meeting includes 20 of the 38 Anglican Provinces representing over 75% of all Anglicans.  The previous three meetings resulted in “Trumpets from the South” to the rest of the Anglican Communion.  This meeting is also expected to precipitate development within the […]


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Sometimes a small adjustment makes a big difference.  Lately I’ve been tweaking my fit on my road bike. I went from a 120 mm stem (the short piece attaching the handlebars to the bike) to a 110 mm stem and then to a 100 mm stem.  10 mm is about 4 tenths of an inch. […]

In church leadership circles there is an oft stated dictum that the role of the leader is to maintain a “non anxious presence”.  Leaders can add to a chaotic situation by getting too exorcised.  On the other hand “presence” doesn’t lead people anywhere.  Leaders must lead people to a future or people will not follow.  […]

Such a sleepy title for such an important decision.  Let me explain. Section 4 of the proposed Anglican Covenant is the section that provides a means to discipline Provinces of the Anglican Communion that exercise autonomy to the detriment of the common life of the Communion. The first three sections of the Covenant were approved […]