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Today I raised $3.77 towards the purchase of Coffee Bikes for Rwandan Coffee farmers.   Not a lot of money I agree, but I did it by riding my bike.  I’ve not ridden enough this winter and I’ve gained weight and lost conditioning.  The guys I ride with end our rides at a Peetes (my favorite) […]

Sit back and relax.  This video is about 25 minutes long.  It has several highlights.  Most impressive to me is what God has done in the 50 weeks since the launch of the ACNA in Bedford Texas last year.  Enjoy. Thanks to BabyBlue for posting this. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Ok this is not so much a post of my own but a “get thee hence” to a delightful round up of what the liberal bloggers in The Episcopal Church are saying about Archbishop Rowan Williams and his pastoral letter.  Here is a hint: they feel wronged! They feel victimized by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s […]

The Blog Stand Firm has the story. The Revd Canon Kenneth Kearon of the Anglican Communion Office released a press statement while attending the Anglican Church of Canada’s General Synod.  In it he writes, Last Thursday I sent letters to members of the Inter Anglican ecumenical dialogues who are from the Episcopal Church informing them […]

I have to say I think this is a bit better than Bp. Andrus’ letter.  It is more carefully and artfully written. It also falls short of truth,  not in what it says but in what it fails to say. You can read the entire letter at TitusOneNine. Here a a couple of things left […]

So how do revisionists deal with inconvenient bits of history?  Well they revise them of course, and stand firmly on them as if they held the authority of scripture. Bishop Marc Andrus of the Episcopal Diocese of California offers us a stunning example of this behavior in his response to Archbishop Rowan Williams.  Before I […]

There is a question about Archbishop Rowan Williams that I hear very often.  It goes something like this “Why doesn’t he just kick The Episcopal Church (TEC) out of the Anglican Communion?” The answer to this question is “Complicated”. The Archbishop of Canterbury does have the ability to limit TEC’s participation in the Anglican Communion.  […]

The Archbishop of Canterbury has issued his Pastoral Letter.  Here is the net.  TEC and Rwanda, both currently in violation of Moratoria passed by the Instruments of Unity are being asked to step down from bodies that impact our ecumenical relationships. I am therefore proposing that, while these tensions remain unresolved, members of such provinces […]

Adiaphora means “things that do not make a difference”.  In every relationship there are things that are adiaphora and things that are deal breakers.  In his Presidential Address to the Diocese of Durham Bishop Wright gives an extremely cogent explanation of the concepts of Adiaphora and subsidiarity.  He also applies them to the current crisis […]

In the last year I have helped launch two new Anglican Missions. The first is St. John’s Anglican Mission in Orinda. Orinda is just east of Oakland on the other side of a small mountain range. The second is a yet to be named Anglican Mission in Roseville. Roseville is just east of Sacramento. Both […]