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Over the years my disciple of Daily Morning prayer has been uneven. I regret this. Of course that means I am now saying Morning Prayer on a daily basis with very few missed days. I have always prayed on a daily basis, but the daily office of Morning Prayer provides a healthy disciple with it’s […]


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Archbishop Duncan visited St. James this past Sunday.  It was a joyous occasion.  Many guests attended as well.  Members of four of our missions attended.  St. Johns in Orinda, Amazing Grace in Roseville, Holy Spirit in Folsom, and St. Michael’s in Los Gatos were present.  A large portion of St. Luke’s Chapel in the Hills […]

The Primates Meeting of 2011 has now ended.  15 of the 38 Primates stayed away.  A slight majority attended.  Much conversation occurred, structures were clarified, and no action was taken with respect to The Episcopal Church.  Let me say this a bit differently.  Previous meetings of the Primates Meeting called for and received the Windsor […]

I Am Theophilus

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Are you on Facebook?  There is a new page entitled “I Am Theophilus”.  Theophilus is the person to whom the Gospel according to Luke & The Book of Acts is addressed.  Theophilus is a greek word that translates “Friend of God” or “lover of God”.  This is what the page says about itself. We are […]

I was wrong.  I thought the Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion would censure The Episcopal Church in some manner.  An attempt was made and failed.  For some time now there has been a perception that the Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion lacks credibility.  In the past year there have been several high profile […]

The Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion is going to meet July 23 – 27.  At this meeting several threads within the Crisis in the Anglican Communion will converge into an event.  Meetings sometimes achieve nothing and other times are watershed moments.  This meeting will be something of a watershed.  There are many questions that […]

Let me first make a disclaimer. I stand to profit from this book review. I’m now an Amazon Associate and make a small commission on books that are ordered through links in my blog.  Clicking on the book takes you to Amazon where you can add the book to your shopping cart.  After you purchase […]

Researchers in Toronto have concluded that religious people (including Christians) are more relaxed about their mistakes. (from the Pew Forum) “If thinking about religion leads people to react to their errors with less distress and defensiveness … in the long run, this effect may translate to religious people living their lives with greater equanimity than […]

The Anglican Church is not hierarchical in the way that the Roman Catholic Church is.  In many respects the churches look alike.  We both have Bishop’s, Priests, and Deacons.  We have Prelates.  Anglicans have an Archbishop of Canterbury and Roman Catholics have a Pope.  Anglicans have Primates and Roman Catholics have Cardinals.  In form both […]

You just can’t make this stuff up. I’m trying to post less about the Episcopal Church and more about the Anglican Communion and The Anglican Church in North America but today its just not possible to do one with out doing the other. The Executive Council of The Episcopal Church is meeting this week and […]