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A friend of mine recently shared a photo of Archbishop Desmund Tutu on Facebook.  The photo was accompanied by a quote that read I can’t, for the life of me, imagine that God would say ‘I will punish you because you are black, you should have been white; I will punish you because you are […]

Calling this a history is inaccurate and false.  Actually I’m just trying to make a few points about historic worship in the church and perhaps tweak some of my more conservative friends.  So here we go. The first praise screen was probably a prehistoric cave wall illuminated by torches or shafts of light.  Cave painting.  […]

In a technical legal sense, St. James bought two properties in Willow Glen.  Such a simple statement of fact fails to convey the amazing way the Holy Spirit has acted. St. James Anglican Church was formed in 2009.  Our initial members left local Episcopal Churches.  We left everything to the remaining members.  In California the […]

I recently came upon a document published by the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.  I was interested as the Bishop of Chicago was one year ahead of me at Nashotah House, and someone who I liked and respected.  I was also curious as the Diocese of Chicago was then and is now a bastion of revisionist […]

This past week I quietly celebrated my 25th anniversary of ordination as a Deacon.  I was one of seven new Deacons in the Diocese of Edmonton.  I managed to touch base with four of the others.  One has aged out (died) and one left the church a few years after ordination. Perhaps I’m feeling nostalgic.  […]

The origin of this phrase is not really known, although it is generally ascribed to Maslow.  It expresses our common tendency to see the world through our familiar bias.  Present day example of this include people who blame humanity for global warming.  There is no doubt that the world is warming up, but this has […]

I was struck this week by an old dictum “If its predictable then its preventable”.  It is an old saw that I heard afresh during this Easter Season.  It has application in many aspects of life and across many types of community.  This week I received it in terms of my own personal disciplines or […]

A Bakery in New Zealand has come out with an advertising campaign featuring their take on the “Hot Crossed Bun”.  Why?  This raises the question whether the adage “All Advertising is Good Advertising” is true.   I guess if your business is called “Hell Bakery” this might work as a bit of humor.  For readers who […]

A couple of years ago someone who said that allowing same sex marriage would lead to allowing polygamy would have been accused of fear mongering or using the “slippery slope” argument.  Personally I was never persuaded by this argument as the argument does not positively present why marriage is between one man and one woman.  […]

Well this post doesn’t have a good title.  It does have an important thought though.  Tonight I read a story from Nigeria in which an organization representing sex workers objected to Anglican Archbishop Orombi’s call on the Nigerian police to arrest men who solicit for sex and not just the sex workers.  The organization had […]