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Calling this a history is inaccurate and false.  Actually I’m just trying to make a few points about historic worship in the church and perhaps tweak some of my more conservative friends.  So here we go. The first praise screen was probably a prehistoric cave wall illuminated by torches or shafts of light.  Cave painting.  […]

In a technical legal sense, St. James bought two properties in Willow Glen.  Such a simple statement of fact fails to convey the amazing way the Holy Spirit has acted. St. James Anglican Church was formed in 2009.  Our initial members left local Episcopal Churches.  We left everything to the remaining members.  In California the […]


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Archbishop Duncan visited St. James this past Sunday.  It was a joyous occasion.  Many guests attended as well.  Members of four of our missions attended.  St. Johns in Orinda, Amazing Grace in Roseville, Holy Spirit in Folsom, and St. Michael’s in Los Gatos were present.  A large portion of St. Luke’s Chapel in the Hills […]

Archbishop Duncan, Primate of the Anglican Church in North America, is coming to the Bay Area March 11 – 13.  There are two public events everyone is invited to.  they are: Lay Leader Reception with Archbishop Duncan, Saturday March 12th, 3pm – 5pm This reception will be held at the Claeys Lounge, Soda Center @ […]

I used to be Episcopalian.  I am now part of the Anglican Church in North America.  I still follow the decline of the Episcopal Church for a very particular reason.  It is not to celebrate or gloat.  Actually it grieves me.  I follow the annual statistics in order to know how many Episcopalians left Bay […]

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Roy Morse and I attended our Diocesan Convention in Sewickley PA last week.  The Provincial Offices are in nearby Ambridge.  Both are historic steel towns.  Sewickley is the town where management lived, while Ambridge and other nearby towns are where the mills were and where workers lived.  Today, Ambridge is the home of Trinity School […]

Our efforts to launch new Anglican Churches in The San Francisco Bay Area is dependent on our ability to find people who want an Anglican Church in their community and are willing to help.  Once we find the first couple of households in a community it gets easier to find the third.  Getting the ball […]

It is with great pleasure that we announce the formation of an Anglican Mission in Los Gatos.  St. Michael’s is the tentative name, subject to Archbishop Duncan’s approval. Mr. Jess Guy is the leader for this new mission.  Jess is a retired ATF agent, and will soon retire from his second career with the Santa […]

Part of my work as Senior Pastor of St. James is launching and mentoring new Missions around the Bay Area and into Northern California.  Our goal is to launch between two and five new missions each year.  We launched two in our first year and I believe we will meet our goal this year as […]