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Remember all the press National Geographic got for publishing the Gospel of Judas last year.  Some parishes had educational forums to talk about the new insights the gospel offered about Jesus and Judas.  Most parishes, to their credit, paid little heed to the discovery.  After all, even if authentic, scholars agreed that the earliest probable […]

Dear Friends in Christ, Our Sunday School Registration Sunday was September 10th.  What fun.  In this issue of the Communicator you will find an article about our Sunday School and pictures of the event.  September is a wonderful time of refocusing after a restful summer.  This year is no exception.  Our children’s ministry is growing […]

We will have a congregational meeting following each service on Sunday June 11th. Having two gatherings has the benefit of including as many people as possible although it does mean that not everyone will hear all the comments that are made. Members of St. Edward’s are welcome to attend either meeting or both, although I do ask that you only vote at one of the meetings.

The purpose of our meeting is to decide whether or not to join the Anglican Communion Network prior to the begining of the Episcopal General Convention that begins on June 13th. I recently read a statment from 20 bishops that are part of the network. Part of this statement resonates very strongly with me: