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Old wine barrels sell for about $80 in Napa Valley. They are easy to find. I’m seriously thinking of getting one to see if I can replicate this chair. Not only is this chair an inspired blend of Wine Country with Mission Style furniture, it’s really comfortable. Very nice. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Every Good Friday I want to quit being a pastor.  Seriously I do.  The problem is not Holy Week.  It’s me.  Every year as I approach Good Friday and remember how all Jesus’ disciples abandoned him, and how Peter denied him, I remember times when I have failed as a pastor.  I’ve been a full […]

Primates Meeting 2011

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In August the Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion met and decided that they did not have the authority to discipline The Episcopal Church (TEC) for violating the moratoria passed by the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC).  They deferred that conversation and decision to the next meetings of the Primates and the ACC.  This was likely […]

Parish Growth

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Why does parish growth happen one month after many months of no growth?  At St. James we have had first time visitors on the first three Sundays of August.   We are delighted of course and thankful for the interest these households have shown in our ministry.  So far two households have asked to join us […]

The meeting of the Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion ended yesterday.  Today the daily log for days three and four were published.  Day five is yet to be published.  It appears that the members from The Episcopal Church got an earful.  Here is an extended quote. As agreed, the Committee revisited Saturday’s discussion. Dato’ […]

In the past few weeks there has been quite a bit of blogging about the makeup of the Standing Committee of The Anglican Communion.  There have been appointments that may or may not be legitimate, and under much of the blogging and commenting is a fear that The Episcopal Church is working hard to shape […]

California has a major budget problem. Balancing the budget in a recession like we are experiencing is causing politicians everywhere to look for new sources of Tax Revenue.  It is in this kind of climate that we find out what our values really are.  What is our price?  We also find out what our real […]

My Friend Christopher Seal posted this on Face Book.  Turn up the speakers and enjoy! Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

I'm Back!

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I know I’ve hardly posted this last fall and winter.  Honestly I’ve been drained of insight, spontaneity, and enthusiasm.  I’ve had to hoard all my creative energy for my work at St. James and our future diocese.  It has not the case that the work has drained me.  No it is vastly more sinister.  Allergies. […]

Recent Dreams

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Over the years God has spoken to me in dreams.  Most often these dreams have offered assurance during difficult times of ministry.  Sometimes these dreams show me something that I must address.  Sometimes, of course a dream is just a dream.  Discerning when a dream is from God and when it is the nocturnal churn […]